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New MFDA CE credits added

New IIROC credits with Cycle 9 accreditation


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We’ve handpicked these packages to help you quickly and easily satisfy your continuing education requirements, and negotiated this great discount with C’Life on your behalf. For more details on each package click on the “Get Started” button.

The GRAND-SLAM Package

This package includes all the courses required to satisfy CE requirements for IIROC, CIM®, MFDA, FP Canada (for CFP® Certificants and QAFPs), Life agents, Advocis/Institute, PFP®, and CPA®requirements. Get started now and cover all your Continuing Education (CE) requirements!.

Retail Price $419.65
SeeWhy Price $379.99

Life Insurance

15 Credits AIC (AB), ICBC (BC), ICS (SK), ICM (MB)

Retail Price $189.95
SeeWhy Price $149.99

Life Insurance

30 Credits

Retail Price $379.95
SeeWhy Price $299.99

Alberta A&S

15 Credits

Retail Price $189.80
SeeWhy Price $149.99


All FP Canada CFP® requirements with FP Canada-approved courses.

Retail Price $309.75
SeeWhy Price $244.99

CFP® Professional Responsibility

Complete your two-credit PR requirement with this course.

Retail Price $39.95
SeeWhy Price $29.99


Complete CE for cycle 9

Retail Price $399.65
SeeWhy Price $319.99


All 20 Professional Development (PD) credits you need in this cycle.

Retail Price $99.95
SeeWhy Price $79.96


8 of the 10 Business Conduct (BC) credits you need in this cycle.

Retail Price $49.95
SeeWhy Price $39.96


All courses accredited by MFDA in either the Professional Development (PD) or Business Conduct (BC) category. They are all the MFDA CE credits needed for this MFDA cycle, which ends November 30, 2023. Benefit from all 28 credits in one place!

Retail Price $124.95
SeeWhy Price $99.96


Advocis/Institute credits

Retail Price $209.85
SeeWhy Price $167.88


All PFP® requirements with just three courses

Retail Price $279.95
SeeWhy Price $223.96


Total CE credits for your CIM® designation

Retail Price $399.65
SeeWhy Price $319.99


How do I buy?
Click on a Get Started button and you will be taken to a page with the Add to Cart button.

Where are the accreditation and course details?
When you click on a Get Started button above you will be taken to a page with all the information you need on your selection plus the Add to Cart button.

How do I receive my course and test?
You will receive an email from C’Life with a link to download your course (no login or password needed) and a link to the online test. You need a username/password for the test. You will create those details when you register on the C’Life site – a necessary step to receive your Personal Certificate.

How do I prove I have completed CE with C’Life?
You must pass the course test. When you pass, you will receive your Certificate.
You should print your Certificate and keep it in your CE file until your audit period is finished.

How many attempts are permitted for each test?
There are unlimited test attempts.

What is the passing grade?

Who should I contact with questions about CE?
C’Life toll-free: 1-855-711-4646
C’Life email: